Estate agent specialising in wildlife properties in Zambia – buyers and sellers.

Zambian Game Ranches is the premier estate agent for game and wildlife properties in Zambia. With more than ten years experience in the sale of game properties, our team can advise on all aspects of game farms in Zambia.

We have many lodges and well-stocked game farms for sale,  in areas from the shores of Lake Kariba to the magnificent Kafue river valley.

For buyers, our experts can advise on all facets of wildlife farming in Zambia, including choosing the right farm to suit your needs, the sourcing and capture of game, the delivery of animals, and advice on what animals to stock on particular game farms.

For sellers, we will work to market your property in every available venue, from our websites and social networking platforms, to our worldwide real estate connections and client base. If you are without marketing materials we will also assist in developing a website linked to our own site.