Visit Wolayta, Southern Ethiopia

Visit Wolayta,  Southern Ethiopia

The Term Wolayta (ወላይታ)
The term Wolayta (spelled sometimes as Wolaita, Walayat, Welayta, Wolayita, Wolaitta, & Wolaytta) refers to a region, people, ethnicity and language.

The Wolayta people are one of the indigenous people of Ethiopia who have their own culture, tradition, political legacy and kingdom. The Wolayta have about 200 clans which are divided in to two main tribes called Malla and Dogala. Historians classify this people as Omotic family which is one of the four language families in Ethiopia. This is because their settlement is parallel with the Omo River in the area. Wolaytas are one of Omotic language speaking people and their language is called also Wolayta (walaitato donna) by the name of the people.

Rural and Agricultural Tourism (Farm Attractions)

Agriculture is backbone of Ethiopia Economy. 85 percent of the population is directly or indirectly dependent on Agriculture. Agricultural tourism in Wolayta region Ethiopia will bring you the best rural experience in Ethiopia. Visit the real Ethiopia & see the extraordinary country and meet its people in perfect harmony with nature. Every evening Entertainment Programs, Rural folk dance, music, campfire & lot of fun filled games

The Wolayta belong to the vast Omotic language group. The Wolayta are good farmers cultivate most of the cereal crops as well as cotton and Inset (False Banana), Coffee and tobacco. Their huts are large and beehive-shaped built in the midst of gardens, with one or more ostrich eggs perched atop of the roof as fertility symbols. They are also well known for their music and dance, which is the original African tone.

At Buge Wanchi 11 kilometer from Wolayta Sodo, Boyanso Farm Guest house arrange group and individual tour around the villages. If you are interested to make a visit in the rural part of the region contact us.