Telephone Call Accounting Software

Telephone Call Accounting Software


MicroBX Telephone Call Logging Software

  • Are your phone bills too high and do you wish to reduce or cut them in a big way?
  • Does having to bar your PABX extensions get you down?
  • Are you unable to account for individual phone calls?
  • Would you like complete control over your telephone system?

Then look no further!  Many organizations have found their solution in MicroBX!

Micro-BX  is  an  integrated  telephone  management system  for  PABX  installations. Micro-BXis easy to use and very user friendly and all items including reports can be accessed from the same menu view.

Why do you need Micro-BX?

  • Without a doubt Micro-BX will go a long way to assist you in reducing your phone bills. For a typical installation, you will likely recover your investment within two months – you should see a reduction of 35% in your overall phone bill. As soon as personnel know that their phone calls can be logged, time consuming personal calls will be reduced to a minimum. Also, PABX congestion will be minimized, allowing more people to phone in and out with more success.
  • Micro-BXmonitors the line activities and usage, checks which numbers are dialed on extensions and who has made the calls.
  • Analyses telephone calls by frequency, time and cost.
  • Monitors incoming calls, how long they take to be answered and which extensions receive them.
  • Identifies extensions by name or cost centre and works with individual Telephone user account codes (passwords).
  • Identifies regularly dialed numbers by name.
  • Produces reports and invoices automatically daily, weekly and monthly as per your previously defined criteria or manually when the need arises.
  • It can send Telephone Call reports or alarms on unanswered calls, expensive calls, long calls, calls to certain numbers and calls to and from certain extensions   by e-mail.

Interested?  Please contact us or e-mail us for a demo or quotation.  This software can be free if you buy a PABX from us!

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