Aiga tours, Travel and car rent plc is an exclusive private owned tour company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company was established with a team of well experienced professional tour operators, highly qualified and multilingual tour guides. Our name ‘AIGA’ refers to the famous rock mountain located in Tigray area. Aiga tours believe in high standards of service, but charge less than their competitors.
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Abugida Tours is an exclusive Ethiopian private tour operator situated in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. We are uniquely experienced and committed to acquaint our visitors to the numerous charming facets of Ethiopia, it's people and culture, historical sites,diverse cultural sites, natural sites and many more.
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Addis Tour & Travel

Addis Deaf Travel to be the pioneer travel agent in Ethiopia offering the deaf community with all requirement travel related service in Ethiopia especially in Addis Ababa. Our Travel Services includes • Tailor made, Individuals & group tour handling. • Meeting & transfer services from/to airport. • Sightseeing & excursion trips in Addis Ababa & its surrounding. • Inclusive tours & hotel accommodation. • Air Tickets to/from Addis Ababa and also domestic flights in Ethiopia. • Safari Camping & adventure tour organization. • Conference & incentive facilities for the Deaf. • Arrangements for visits to the social deaf communities in Ethiopia. • Concierge service for the deaf travelers • All the listed above service will be facilitated by professional Deaf escort & guide using American Sign Language (ASL)
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Visit Wolayta, Southern Ethiopia

The Term Wolayta (ወላይታ) The term Wolayta (spelled sometimes as Wolaita, Walayat, Welayta, Wolayita, Wolaitta, & Wolaytta) refers to a region, people, ethnicity and language. The Wolayta people are one of the indigenous people of Ethiopia who have their own culture, tradition, political legacy and kingdom. The Wolayta have about 200 clans which are divided in to two main tribes called Malla and Dogala. Historians classify this people as Omotic family which is one of the four language families in Ethiopia. This is because their settlement is parallel with the Omo River in the area. Wolaytas are one of Omotic language speaking people and their language is called also Wolayta (walaitato donna) by the name of the people.
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FANOS Ethiopia Tour Services

FANOS Ethiopia Tours We are a get way in Ethiopia for tour travel and visit. Offering tailored historical routes, cultural tours, trekking, safari and festival tours. We offer a meet and greet service as well as hotel reservations & Car rental. We welcome inquiries from groups, individuals as well as travel agents.
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