FANOS Ethiopia Tour Services

FANOS Ethiopia Tour Services

FANOS Ethiopia Tours

We are a get way in Ethiopia for tour travel and visit. Offering tailored historical routes, cultural tours, trekking, safari and festival tours. We offer a meet and greet service as well as hotel reservations & Car rental. We welcome inquiries from groups, individuals as well as travel agents.

Our tour packages are carefully designed with the big consideration of the, satisfaction, safety and the impact to the environment of the Destination. FANOS Ethiopia offers you the following tour and safari activities:-

Visit Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia: Addis has many things to offer visitors. The major tourist spots are, the National museum where the ancient hominid “Lucy “ is seated, the Ethnological museum and a number of old and historical churches like the Trinity cathedral , St. George church, St Mary church at Mount Entoto. The grand open market in Africa is found in Addis as it is called “Merkato” and much to see at night too –a variety of night clubs, offering all manner of music from traditional Ethiopia to modern pop and more.

Northern Ethiopia; Historical Routes (Visit Bahir Dar, Gonder, Axum and Lalibela) of Northern Ethiopia: In this historical circuit you will visit; 13th century Debre Libanos Monastery & 17th Portuguese bridge, Bahir Dar (Lake Tana, and its medieval period Island monasteries such as; Entos, Kibran Gabriel, Ura Kidan Mehiret, Azwa Mariam and Debre Mariam). Gondar; (17th century Fassilades Castle & bath, Debre Brehan Selassie church and Quskam complex). Simien Mountains National Park (Debarq, Sankaber, Cheenek, Geech Campsite and Simien Lodge). Lima Limu road and Takezze River Gorge. Axum (St. Mary of Zion church, Axum stelae, Queen of Sheba Palace & swimming pool, Tombs of King Kalbe and Gebre Meskel, Temble of Yeha & Debre Damo Monastery), rock-hewn churches of Tigray (Hawizen clusters) and the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela (Bet Medane Alem, Bet Mariam, Bet Denagel, Bet Meskele, Bet Merkoriso, Bet Gabriel, Bet Abba Libanos, Bet Ammunel and Bet Giorgis), Guassa Community Conservation Area and Ankober, the previous capital of Ethiopia. Visit the Northern Ethiopia with FANOS Ethiopia & get an insight tour of Ethiopia.

Southern Ethiopia; South-Ethiopia and Tribes Omo valley (Visit Hawassa, Dorze, Arba Minch, Konso, Mursi, Hammer, Omorate, Murille, Yableo, Aregash loge, and Langano): In this cultural route you will visit; the Great Rift Valley Lakes (Lake Ziway, Lake Abijata, Lake Shalla, Lake Langano, Lake Awassa, Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo), the people of Southern Ethiopia (Gurage, Silti, Hadiya, Kambata, Wolayta, Sidama, Gedio, Gamo Gofa, Dorze, Zayse, and Konso), the tribes of Omo valley; (Arebore, Tshemay, Hammer, Benna, Dassench, Nyangatom, Bodi, Karo, Ari, Muguji, and Mursi), the Borena people villages (Singing-Well of the Boren people, and Chew Bet, salt lake) and Aregash Lodge, fish market & Tabor Hill in Awassa, and Wondo Genet Hot springs. FANOS Ethiopia will take you through the wilderness, where you will discover the really Ethiopia.

Eastern Ethiopia: Awash National Park, Dire Dawa (the Queen City of the Desert) & Walled City of Harar: The eastern Ethiopia touristic route will take through; the Crater Lakes of Debre Ziet (Lake Bishoftu Gudo, Lake Hora, and Lake Kuriftu), Lake Baska for wader birds, Awash National Park (known for its wildlife, for the Mount Fentale caldera and for the Filwoha Hot Springs), Yangudi Rassa National Park, and Babile Elephant Sanctuary, Harar (the Walled City of Harar, Arthur Rimbaud house, Harari cultural Museum, and man feeding Hyena), Dire Dawa, the Queen City of the desert.

Western Ethiopia: The western part of Ethiopia is the origin of coffee the word “coffee” comes from the name of the former region “Kaffa” where coffee first was discovered. This unknown & undiscovered route will take you through the Crater Lake of Wonchi, Jimma (Abba Jiffar Palace and Jimma museum), Kaffa-Bonga (the birth place of Coffee), Tepi and Bebeka Coffee Plantation, Wush Wush tea plantation, to the different tribes such as; Surma, Suri, Diz, Sheka, Shekicho, Yem, and Gambella (Gambella National Park, and different tribes such as Anuak, Nuer, and Mezhenger).

North-West Ethiopia: The most obscure of Ethiopia’s regions, practically never visited by tourists, is Benishangul-Gumuz. The Benishangul Gumuz region is endowed with a great deal of natural and manmade attraction such as; Natural Attractions are: Famasere Mountain in Kurmuk, Gold, Blue Marable, Dabus River, and Hoha Waterfalls.Man made attractions are: the palace of Shiki Hojele in Assosa town, Yamesira Mosque in Tongo, Assossa cultural museum. In Asosa museum different types of tools are found specially the King of Asosa, Sheikhojjole dresses, hunting tools, jewelry and agricultural tools. In the Benishangul Gumuz there are five different tribes these are; Berata –has beatification and scarifications are three simple straight lines in each cheek, Gumuz, Mao, Komo, and Shinasha. These nations are their own culture, custom, life style. The Berta tribe has their own traditional music material known as Zumbara. It is made up of Bamboo. The Berta peoples are dominant in Assosa Zone, the Gumuz peoples in Kamash zone, the Shenasha peoples in Metekel zone, and the Mao & Komo peoples Tongo special woreda. Visit Benishangul Gumuz with FANOS Ethiopia Tours.

Coffee (Buna) Tour, South-West and South Ethiopia: Ethiopia is known for its great quality of coffee, but within Ethiopia there are an abundance of varieties. Some of the most desired and highest quality coffees are; Harar, Sidamo, Kaffa, Yirega Cheffe, Wollega (Nekemte) and Limmu. We take you through this beautiful forest coffee area. On your arrival we invite you a cup of coffee at Tomoca Coffee Shop. For more information visit

Rural Tourism in Wolayta Villages, Southern Ethiopia: Agriculture is backbone of Ethiopia Economy. 85 percent of the population is directly or indirectly dependent on Agriculture. Agricultural tourism in Wolayta region Ethiopia will bring you the best rural experience in Ethiopia. Visit the real Ethiopia & see the extraordinary country and meet its people in perfect harmony with nature. Every evening Entertainment Programs, Rural folk dance, music, campfire & lot of fun filled games. To get an insight information about the Wolayta peoples visit;

Athletics (Sport) Tourism: Ethiopia is the home of distance running where many of the greatest runners of all time have come and they have come to dominate the world of distance running along with their fellow east Africans in Kenya. So we take you to Bekoji (Where Ethiopian Runners Are Born or Ethiopia’s Home of Athletics Champions) where most of Ethiopian Olympic gold medal winners seem to have chosen to be born here. Haile Gebreselassie, Derartu Tulu, Fatuma Roba, Kenenisa Bekele, and Tirunesh Dibaba.

Ethiopian Community Tourism: Ethiopia Community Tourism offers a hand-picked collection of authentic, cultural tours operated by small villages across Ethiopia. Against a backdrop of shimmering lakes, lush forests and rolling hills, these local communities invite you to discover their food, crafts, homes, farms, dances, and fascinating history. For more details visit the community web site

Trekking in the Simien Mountains National Park;The Simien Mountains is arguably the most beautiful mountain range in Africa. It is one of the best trekking destinations in the world. The park was primarily created to conserve Walia Ibex and other endemic species.

Trekking in the Bale Mountains National Park: Trekking on the spectacular and scenic mountainous landscape of the Bale Mountains National Park. The Bale Mountains area is the best kept secret place of Ethiopia (largest area of Afro-Alpine habitat in the whole of the continent). It gives the visitor opportunities for unsurpassed mountain walking, horse trekking, scenic driving and the chances to view many of Ethiopia’s endemic mammals, in particular the Mountain Nyala and Ethiopian Wolf, and birds, such as the Thick-billed Raven, Wattled Ibis, Blue-winged Goose, and Rouget’s Rail.

Trekking in Guassa Community Conservation Area: The Guassa Community Conservation Area offers a wide variety of products and services, ranging from four-day treks to single night stays with short hikes. Visitors can discover a traditional Menz village and enjoy longer trekking experiences, mule rides and overnight wilderness camping. The income generated by tourism is returned to the community and supports the conservation of the Guassa GCCA. For more details visit the community web site

Bird Watching Tour: Ethiopia has rightly become one of Africa’s leading birding destinations. Its avifauna represents an interesting mixture of eastern and West African, Palearctic and endemic components. In addition to over 800 species of birds, of which a staggering 37 are endemic or near-endemic, Ethiopia has a number of spectacular endemic mammals, and a scenic diversity and cultural uniqueness that are probably unequalled in Africa. The best months to visit are October-December, and over 500 species can be recorded on a thorough three-week trip.